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Pays plants for flowering.
Very important to increase the fertility of flowers.
Important to increase ovulation in potatoes.
– Addresses the problem of excess green growth in vegetables.
– It is used to increase the sugar content of the sugar beet crop.
It is used for the liquidation of the total vegetable, as well as in sugar and potatoes beets.
– It is used to treat distortions caused by deficiency of boron and molybdenum element in plants.
Boron 14%
Molybdenum 2.5%
Carboxylic acids 8%
Use rates:
It is used for flowering at a rate of 100 cm / 200 liters of water
It is used to filter green growth at a rate of 500 cm / 200 liters (in this case the transaction can be repeated again)
The compound can be mixed with most vehicles
Available package:
1 liter
500 milliseconds
250 milliseconds