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An organic compound that improves soil properties.
– A compound containing 80% Fulvic.
– It increases the flow of succulents in plants.
It works to chelate the elements in the soil.
– It increases the spread and revitalization of the roots.
Reduces root problems in alkaline soils.
– It treats the various shocks to which the plants are exposed.
Encourages and intensifies green growth.
Reduces the use of regular fertilizers.
Potassium (Pu i2) 10%
Potassium Folate & Potassium Chloride
Zinc 2%
Iron 4.5%
2% manganese
Magnesium 1%
0.2% copper
Boron 0.1%
Molybdenum 0.05%
5.5% sulfur
Use rates:
Added to irrigation water at a rate of: 0.5 kg / acre (repeated as needed)
It is used as a spray on the green vegetables at a rate of 150-200 grams / 200 liters of water
Mixing capacity: Mixable with most fertilizers
Available package:
1 kg